Roorkee: Research scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology- Roorkee (IIT-R) have claimed to develop sensors which would give dope test results within five minutes by diagnosing anabolic steroids in blood or urine. 

The scientists working on the project are all ready to make a presentation of the ‘Fluorine Modified Electrode Sensors’ before the Union Health Ministry.

Professor Rajendra N Goyal, Chemistry Department, IIT-R, said it took year of research to develop the sensor.

Professor Goyal claimed that “anabolic steroids like Nandrolone, Prednisolone, Methylprednisolone, Testosterone and Betamethasone would be diagnosed within five minutes by using Fluorine Modified Electrode Sensors”.

He further informed that the sensors were earlier presented at the International Conference on Electro Analytical Chemistry and Allied Topics in Puri, Orissa. Another presentation was made at the International Conference on Recent Trends in Instrumental Methods of Analysis conducted by IIT-Roorkee in February 2011.