The firm currently has a total of around 50 tests such as pyshogenetic tests, new born screening tests and MammaPrint and Blueprint tests for breast cancer, among others, for early diagnostics and treatment.

"We have set up a core laboratory facility in India to translate genetics and genomics information from labs to bed-sides in hospitals," iLife Discoveries Founder and CMD Anand Gupta said.

The company is very clear about its core areas- oncology, mother and child initiative and neuro-psychiatry, he added.

"For neuro-psychiatry area, we have collaborated with a company called AB-Biotics for bringing a test called neuropharmagen in India for people suffering from depression which is a huge problem in the country," Gupta said.

Oncology is other area which the company wants to focus on and for this, "Among others, we have also partnered with the US-based firm Agendia for their tests, MammaPrint and BluePrint.

These tests predict recurrence and chemotherapy response for breast cancer," he added.

The company is also in the process of entering into more exclusive tie-ups with various other companies and is also looking for expanding its workforce for future growth, Gupta said.

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