Dubai: Police in Dubai have confiscated illegal Chinese 'magic pen' used to forge cheques and documents with its vanishing ink, a report said.

The raids were conducted after Dubai police recently sent an urgent circular to all UAE-based banks to be aware of the usage of a Chinese pen which has an ink that vanished few hours after using it.

The ink could be used to forge cheques and documents. Brig Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Head of Criminal Investigation Department at Dubai Police, said that the police have received tips that some shops in Dubai are selling the illegal pen.

"Upon receiving the information, Dubai police rushed to raid these shops and confiscated all these pens. It seems that these pen entered into the country via illegal method and are sold at low prices," Al Mansouri was quoted as saying by the 'Gulf News'.

The magic pen resembles a normal pen but the ink differs. The Chinese pen's ink lasts for about one to four hours after writing.

Dubai Police had sent an urgent memo to the UAE Central Bank to circulate to all banks operating in the country to avoid using such pen when signing official documents and cheques.