Patna: The issue of illegal recruitment in the Bihar State Social Welfare Board has come to light. It has been reported that the then in-charge executive officer of the board misused his power and appointed his kith and kin in the board during the year 2003-2006. The official also embezzled a huge amount worth Rs 89, 68,170 to benefit his close aides.

In this connection one and half dozen officials of Patna, Delhi, Lucknow and Chandigarh have been charged with corruption.

After the scam was brought to light, chairperson of Bihar State Social Welfare Board Professor (Dr) Sita Sinha registered a case at the Secretariat police station stating that the in-charge executive officer of the board, during 2003-06, had ordered temporary appointments to fill 11 vacant posts as per the state government norms on contract and daily wage basis. She further stated that the order was to be applicable only till the process of the revival of the State Board by the Bihar government.

It is to be noted that prior to this the Central Board had issued a clear cut instruction to all the State Boards to put a ban on recruitments. It is also reported that neither any official from the state government was included in the selection process nor any permission was sought from the government. The wages fixed for the appointed workers did not even receive a nod from the state’s finance department.

In 2006, the appointments were declared illegal after an investigation by Internal Chartered Unit. The Principal Accountant General (Audit) of the state had also declared the appointments as illegal.

Holding the official who had conducted the illegal appointments responsible, the Principal Accountant General had ordered him to make a payment of Rs 89 lakh which was spent as salary of the appointed workers.