Lucknow: Central government has legally banned certain medicines which adversely affect health or are a cause of illness among patients. Publicizing or selling them in the market is a punishable offence, but such drugs are being openly sold here in several medical stores.

Everyday, such medicines worth several crores are sold. Officials concerned seem apathetic towards the health concerns of the people and have failed to take any step to wipe out the sale of these banned medicines.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and several other organizations had sent a report in this regard to the Centre describing severe side-effects of salts present in certain medicines.

The reports were confirmed after getting the medicines tested again. The Health and Family Welfare Ministry had, on February 10, 2011, published this information in the Gazette of India.

The information notified that medicines for children younger than 12 years, which constitute nimesulide, phenylpropanolamine, cisapride, sibutramine, (R)-sibutramine and human placental extracts or made with these formulations, have been banned.

Lucknow Chemist Association’s vice president Harish Shah said a number of banned medicines are in use, especially kid syrups, which contain nimesulide. Individual sale of this formula alone amounts to more than Rs 100 crore business per annum.

The Food and Drug Administration department has not issued any notice to either the chemists or the companies in this matter, as a result billing of the banned medicines is taking place everyday. 


(JPN \ Bureau)