Mumbai:  Though she’s just one-film old, Sonakshi Sinha comes across as someone who has been in the industry for a long time. This confident girl has been choosing her Bollywood projects very carefully and does not like to mince words when it comes to speaking out loud about her opinions.

Ask her a question and she seems to be always ready with a repartee and armed with a matter-of-fact wit. Mid-day speaks to the soon-to-be-25 actress on sharing screen space with the Bollywood biggies, being a daddy’s girl and why having a big forehead does not bother her…

You’re quite active on Twitter?

Yes, I am. It’s a great platform for interaction with my fans. Their feedback matters a lot to me. So I make sure I have time for them.

As we speak, jokes on your rather broad forehead are trending online…

(Laughs) I know. But there’s no point in living a life where you can’t laugh at yourself. Fortunately, I’ve inherited my dad’s sense of humour, so this doesn’t affect me at all.

Do you consult your dad before signing a film?

Of course, his experience in the industry is an asset for me. Even if he’s busy with his work, I have lengthy discussions with him before signing on the dotted lines.

What’s so special about Salman Khan that you are already doing a second film with him?

He’s a very supportive co-star — someone who never fails to make you feel comfortable. He appears reserved but he’s a great human being.

And Akshay Kumar?

Fantastic is the word for him. He has such a good sense of humour that there’s a riot on the sets. I’m always laughing in his company.

You’re portraying a desi girl in your next. Is it a conscious decision to repeatedly play similar characters?

No doubt I’m essaying a desi roles but I’m not repeating myself in any way. Strange how other actresses keep playing westernised characters but no one questions them. I’m comfortable playing a desi girl. I am a real desi girl. (laughs)

Your co-stars have been men who are quite older to you

I don’t see it that way. On the contrary, I believe I’m working with some of the biggest names in Hindi cinema. Besides, I’m paired with Ranveer (Singh) in my forthcoming film.

Are you single?

Yes, but I learn about my changing relationship status from the media (laughs). 


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