Recently, he grabbed attention when he wrote his first column for a popular Indian new website. The ‘Student of the Year’ director wrote about the hateful comments that are directed to him on Twitter, several of them ridiculing his sexuality.

Karan wrote, “I was one of the first early Twitter users from the film fraternity. And back then in 2009, I thought I was going to enter a world where people liked me, knew me, knew my work - it was going to be fine! All about the love, not the hate. And it was. At first. But then started the phase where I began to wake up to "gay good morning".

‘’Every morning. Or just "hi gay". I am routinely called "chakka". Every so often, I'm told I'm a transsexual/transvestite/sister-shagging homosexual, which is actually, if you think about it, a contradiction in terms.''

‘’And I've tried to figure out what's behind the nonstop trolling. I've discussed it with friends, family, even my therapist. Why is it that every time I put up a pouting picture on Instagram, I'm just called chakka, gay, I'm told "chup kar ch***ye? That's my favourite, by the way. My absolute favourite. Anything I ever say, these three golden words are thrown at me.’’

Karan further said, ‘’ Of course now I've reached a point where I no longer know how to smile for a camera. It has become a disorder: I call it poutitus. (Maybe medical science could call me since I'm so good with the diagnosis?) And since I am so afflicted, I clearly deserve the trolling I get daily. ‘’

He ended by saying that ‘’I maybe as sad as you, as lonely as you, as messed up as you, but here's what I also know: I'm just a lot nicer than you.’’

On Twitter, several celebrities responded to Karan Johar's piece, including his long-time friend and collaborator Shah Rukh Khan.


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