Talking about his acting and film production debut, Mika says, “I thought I would experiment on myself before I made films with others. Like they say, Khud maro, swarg dekho.”Here are the excerpters of the interview.

Memorable outing

I recently performed in Manali for New Year’s Eve. My show was scheduled to start from 7pm. It started raining and the temperature dropped to minus two degrees. I was terribly disappointed as I thought that no one would turn up in that weather. But I was completely taken aback when a crowd of 4,000 braved the freezing cold to attend the show. This experience left me truly humbled.

On a great note

The success of Honey Singh and more recently, Arijit Singh has really gladdened me. New voices keeps you on your toes. This year, I plan to try out more Sufi songs and make my stage shows more entertaining. I met Shah Rukh Khan recently and he wanted to know how I managed to do 15 shows in a month. I replied that it’s the love of my fans and my hard that makes me do it. I am really looking forward to my song in Atul Agnihotri’s film as well.

Money matters

Money is important, as I like to live my life king-size. However, I am not a squanderer. Years ago, people warned me against my flamboyant ways as singers always maintained a low profile. I don’t believe in that mentality. I don’t like to hoard my money, I am not chindi (miserly). If I can afford a driver, I would rather employ one than drive myself.

Wedded bliss

Actually, I am waiting for Salmanbhai (Salman Khan) to get married and then tie the knot (laughs out loud). On a serious note, this year I plan to give marriage more thought. Whether it is love or arranged marriage. only time will tell. Once, when Vivek (Vivek Oberoi) asked me about marriage, I replied that not everyone was as lucky as him to have Priyanka in his life. Similarly, I always tell Shaan, “How did you manage to land up with a great woman like Radhika in your life? You are such a jhalla.” She’s a sweetheart and looks after the family so beautifully. Aaj kal aisi ladki kahaan hai? If I get a girl like her, my life will be set (laughs).

The bad boy

Almost every celebrity has faced a controversy in their life. While some make genuine mistakes, the rest just get embroiled. A few of them play up to the ‘bad boy image’ for a few days and then suddenly go into hiding by avoiding the media. I should be chastised if I have done wrong but if someone maligns my name, I will fight back to the hilt. I don’t believe in hiding or running away.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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