New Delhi: Indian Medical Association (IMA) has come in support of the government move to control the misuse of antibiotics in open market by inserting Schedule HX which is being protested by chemists and pharmacists.

Schedule HX has been formulated by amending the Drugs and Cosmetic Rules, 1945 in order to curb the misuse of antibiotics in view of menace of 'super bug'. The frequent use of antibiotics is said to have caused ‘super bug’.

Speaking in support of Schedule HX, IMA President Dr Vinay Aggarwal said the new law will safeguard the interests of patients.

Dr Narendra Saini, IMA Secretary, said the new law has been prepared keeping in view the interests of doctors, patients and pharmacists.

Under the Schedule HX, there will be a protocol for usage of antibiotics and every pharmacist counter would not be allowed to sell antibiotics.  Without doctor’s prescription, antibiotics will not be sold.

According to rule, a doctor will have to give two prescriptions to a patient so that pharmacist would keep one of them for at least two years.

All India Chemists and Distributors Federation President Kailash Gupta protested the clause of maintaining a prescription for two years saying it is not feasible for sellers and would aggravate the patients’ trouble if they do not get all the medicines at a counter.