Wolfram has built a system that give computers all sorts of intelligence, much of it far beyond the human level. The company  has been integrating all that intelligence into the Wolfram Language.

The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project on the web allows anyone to easily take any picture (drag it from a web page, snap it on your phone, or load it from a file) and see what ImageIdentify thinks it is.

However, it won’t always get it right, but most of the time it does remarkably well. If one had lots of photographs, one could immediately write a Wolfram Language program that, for example, gave statistics on the different kinds of animals, or planes, or devices, or whatever, that appear in the photographs.

With ImageIdentify built right into the Wolfram Language, it’s easy to create APIs, or apps, that use it. And with the Wolfram Cloud, it’s also easy to create websites—like the Wolfram Language Image Identification Project.