Mumbai: Emraan Hashmi has his hands full, shooting back-to-back for his forthcoming projects. After wrapping up Dibakar Banerjee's next, he is currently busy with Rajkumar Gupta's comedy and Vishal Bhardwaj's supernatural thriller. Emraan, however, took a day off to celebrate his 33rd birthday, on Saturday. The actor chatted about his transition from a 'serial kisser' to being a bankable star today.

How does it feel to turn a year older?

It's shitty to grow old. I wish I'd gone back to 31. I wish life was the other way around but it's okay.

But this year has been good with offers from filmmakers like Vishal Bhardwaj, Dibakar Banerjee, Rajkumar Gupta and Ekta Kapoor.  You are no more written off as Bhatt's prodigy who doesn't get work in banners outside.

I am happy that filmmakers who make different kind of films are approaching me. I took a lot of flak in my career earlier because I wasn't the traditional hero. Anything that is different and unique always goes through a little bit of criticism. I'd rather be in that space than conform. Kissing was a taboo 10 years back and it seemed as if I was corrupting the industry but now every other person is doing it.

How different it is to be working with these directors than working with Bhatts?

I have not started working with Vishal but Dibakar throws you out of your comfort zone. People who are used to seeing me in a cool demeanor will see me as a paunched grotesque man in Shanghai and I hope they like it. Rajkumar is a fab filmmaker.

Heard that a top actress had walked out of the film because of you? Do you see a change in their attitude towards you now?

It's because two parallel kinds of thoughts never meet. Slowly, they are warming up.

Also in addition to masses, now even critics have started acknowledging your talent. Does it feel good?

I don't really read the critic reviews. Sometimes a film works at the box office despite bad reviews. For me the opinion of a billion people matter because they just enjoy the film without dissecting it too much.

You have gotten rid of the serial kisser tag. Was it deliberate?

No. I don't know how things have changed but I am glad that it is. I used to cringe at questions about kissing. But the questions still pop up one-way or the other. I am hoping they should go away by the next year.

Are you demanding more remuneration now?

I don't ask for anything that I don't deserve. I don't like filling my pockets while my producer or exhibitor is losing money. I would never do a bad film for an insane amount of money.

Your son Ayaan has turned 2. Are you hands on dad?

Not really. I am not good at changing diapers.