The meteorological department had predicted yesterday that there will be a fair distribution of more than normal rainfall throughout the country. However, North East and South East regions are expected to witness comparatively less rain thereby depriving states like Tamil Nadu of their share of nature's blessing.  

Marathwada region of Maharashtra, which has been in the news for being one of the worst-hit drought areas, is likely to find relief from its water troubles in the coming monsoon season.

Agricultural Minister was quick to react on the forecast and said that steps should be taken to optimise the benefits of the above normal monsoon, as predicted by the Met Department, by mobilising necessary good quality seed resources and soil nutrients.

"We should initiate immediate action to prepare a Good Weather Code which will help us optimise the benefits of good rainfall," he said in a statement. Sugarcane and edible oil production are slated to flourish this year, resulting in further financial profit.

India last witnessed sufficient rains back in 2013, after which drought-like situations have prevailed, especially in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

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