Ranchi: Opposing foreign investments in the country, the CPI on Tuesday asked why India should be guided by the IMF at a time when majority of its population were 'underfed' in the backdrop of IMF lowering the country’s economic growth forecast for 2012-2013.

"I don’t think that we should be guided by the IMF," veteran CPI leader A B Bardhan said at a press conference here.

He was reacting on the IMF latest report lowering India’s economic growth forecast by 1 percent to 5-6 percent for 2012-13 because of deteriorating business sentiment and stalled investment due to governance issues.

When asked if the opposition continued to protest foreign investments how could the nation improve upon its growth rate at a time when the world is facing slow down, Bardhan said, "We should be guided by our own national interests."

The left had been opposing the FDI in the country ever since 1991, Bardhan said adding even now it was the left parties who were truly opposed to any FDI in the retail sector.

Commenting on IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook report, another CPI leader Atul Kumar Anjan said, "When the growth rate was 3/4 per cent we had not been guided by the IMF. Now when it’s 8 per cent half of the population is unfed."

The two senior left leaders also claimed that both Trinamool Congress and BJP had been supporters of FDI and that these were on record.

Coming hard on BJP, Bardhan said the party has no moral right to raise any issue after its leader Yashwant Sinha backed almost all Centre’s neo-liberalisation policies as Chairman of the Financial Standing Committee.

“As the Chairman of the Financial Standing Committee, Sinha had extended support to the government on almost all neo-liberal economic policies,” Bardhan told a press meet here.

“With regards to corruption, the BJP is as neck deep in corruption as the Congress. If Congress ministers were in jail, so also were some ministers of BJP-ruled states,” he said.

“So the BJP has neither the moral right to speak against government policies nor it can lead a movement against corruption. In (BJP-ruled) Karnataka, three Chief Ministers were changed in four years,” Bardhan added.

He, however, praised Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal for their involvement in anti-corruption movement.

Asked whether he expected mid-term general elections following the series of corruption surfacing, Bardhan alleged, "The Congress has gained expertise in surviving itself by using the screw of the CBI - sometimes tightening and sometimes loosening it (against its opponents).“

"But I understand that the Congress has no moral ground to continue in the government.”


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