Selection of Pranab Mukherjee as a presidential candidate bears a message that nothing is impossible in Indian politics. A few hours before the announcement, an atmosphere of uncertainty was prevalent all around over selection of the candidates. But now Pranab Mukherjee has not only emerged as a strongest contender for the President’s post but an atmosphere of unanimity is also evolving in his favour. Though, Mamata Banerjee has become isolated over presidential election and it seems that the NDA including the BJP is in dilemma, but the way Samajwadi Party leaders have started speaking in favour of Pranab Mukherjee it is quite clear that Mukherjee is bound to win the presidential race to Raisina Hill. The changed scenario is once again going to offer a sigh of relief to the Congress Party because the announcement by short-lived Mamata-Mulayam alliance to evolve consensus on three names including that of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s had caused a very embarrassing situation for the ruling party. In fact, that development was embarrassing not only for the Congress Party but for whole political system of the country. What will be more awkward than the situation when the parties which are allies of the government are publicly to nominate the Prime Minister as the President? No doubt, the Congress Party would be feeling relieved, but only after the election of the President. Pranab Mukherjee, the troubleshooter of ruling dispensation, being relieved from his responsibilities in the government means the government will have to search for two successors of Mukherjee- one for the post of the Union Finance Minister and second for the leader of the house in Lok Sabha. The search will not be so easy as the economy is in doldrum and the Congress apparently lacks an able statesman who can hammer out the strategies of the ruling party in the Lok Sabha the way Pranab Mukherjee have been doing. His abilities as a statesman are appreciated by even the opposition parties.

It is also significant to note that Pranab Mukherjee was leading all the important committees of the government and the group of ministers. The challenges are not mere confined to search the successors of these committees and the group of ministers but such people will have to be appointed to hold these positions who will be able to execute these responsibilities aptly. One cannot be satisfied with the assumption that Prime Minister himself is willing to take the charge of the ministry of finance. If he does so, pressure will definitely mount on him. He is being attacked for the slow pace of performance of the government on the economic front and the government has almost lost its credibility. The Congress Party and the policy makers of the government will have to understand that mere Pranab Mukherjee’s victory in the presidential poll is not going to solve all the problems of the government. The economy will come on track when pending reforms will get a green signal. With the imminent victory of Pranab Mukherjee, it is most likely that Trinamool Congress will part its ways from the UPA. If it happens, the ruling alliance’s strength will be decimated in the politics of number game. Though, Samajwadi Party might be ready to co-operate with the government, but the way it first joined hands with Mamata Banerjee and later it took a U-turn by leaving her in mid-way, it seems that the Congress cannot afford to count on SP’s support to run the government.