The Centre must take seriously the Supreme Court reprimand over last year’s action on Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and his supporters at Ramlila Ground in Delhi. This is not a minor issue that the Apex Court pulled up the government and the Delhi Police and asserted their action as an attack on the roots of democracy and an example of police excess. The court took cognizance of media reports or else the government and the police would have continued to justify their action. However, the Centre mellowed down a bit from its earlier stand after the Apex Court’s strong observation, whether they have realized their mistake is still doubtful. Atleast the leaders of the ruling Congress at the Centre suggests their unwilling in accepting their mistake. Unfortunately, the representatives of the central government also feel the same. They are deliberately ignoring the fact that the Apex Court has termed their action as reflection of state’s brutal power and violation of established fundamental rights. It is obvious that they will refuse to accept that the attack is a clear example of lacking confidence between the rulers and the governed and there is a need to reinstate a comprehensive trust between the two. Actually they are attempting to hide behind the court’s observation that Baba Ramdev and his supporters failed to exhibit their moral and legal responsibility. The Apex Court might have sufficient grounds to arrive at such conclusion but the fact cannot be ignored that it was Delhi Police that created such atmosphere that Ramdev and his supporters allegedly failed to exhibit moral and legal responsibility.

Had the police not used brutal force at midnight to disperse people who were sleeping, they may not have failed in exhibiting their responsibility. This is unfortunate that the Centre is not prepared to accept the court’s observation. It is also doubtful that the guilty policemen will be punished who used violence against Ramdev and his followers. The Delhi Police chief’s argument that there was no official decision to use baton charge and tear gas shell against gathering at midnight is merely ridiculous. To believe him, some policemen in their individual capacity decided to use violence against Ramdev supporters. Is it possible for some policemen to take a unilateral decision while all their top bosses are present on the spot? It seems the decision of the Apex Court will have no effect on the Centre and neither on Delhi Police.