The way Team Anna has rejected the draft on Lokpal after the Cabinet’s approval and made an announcement to go ahead with fast and agitation is neither a good sign nor an appropriate step.  Prior to the declaration of extending Parliament session for three days to debate on Lokpal, the Team Anna’s protest programme certainly hints at its confrontationistic stance. To avoid altercation is as much the responsibility of the government as of the Civil Society hence Anna and his Team should have waited till the discussion on Lokpal in the Parliament takes place. Moreover, several opposition parties do not seem to agree with the new proposal on Lokpal and expectations are that there would be many amendments during the debate. It is true that the government is not ready to accept a few demands of Team Anna, but this is also a fact that it was not compelled to prepare the draft as per the Team’s guidelines. The Team or none else has any right to direct the government to formulate a particular law according to their views, because the law making is an exclusive prerogative of the Parliament and it must remain with it. Similarly, the governance is the sole right of the ruling party. The Civil Society can putforth its demand for making of an appropriate law and extend its suggestions too. If the same is not accepted it has every right to stage protests to express displeasure but it must avoid impatience. It would have been good for the Team Anna to reach any conclusion after the debate in the Parliament.

Earlier the Team Anna had an objection that three of its key demands were not paid proper attention but when the government took the decision on it, the team has now centered its objection on the exclusion of the Central Vigilance Bureau from the ambit of Lokpal. This gesture is extending the message that the Team Anna is issuing directive to the government. If the government as well as opposition parties are not in complete agreement with the Team’s demands, it does not mean that they are against the stringent Lokpal. Undoubtedly, it would be difficult for the government to respond as to why is it not in favour of giving autonomy to the CBI in real sense, but it would also not be less significant if the Lokpal Bill takes a shape of law in this session of the Parliament. The corruption would only be plugged when a strict office of the Lokpal comes into effect, but cannot be avoided that a law cannot attain its relevance in a day. Majority of laws have got the stringent shape with the passage of time as they have also undergone through the process of amendments. The Lokpal can also pass through the same procedure. Instead of making threat to the government, the Team Anna would have taken the next step only after the discussion in the Parliament on the draft of Lokpal which it says is replete with weak proposals.