Disclosing this to reporters Nongthombam Biren, the ruling Congress MLA of the Heingang constituency, said that the temple was the birthplace of polo which is now world famous.

Biren said that hectic construction work is going on around the Marjing temple."One larger than life statue of a pony and polo player will be installed in the middle of the park. This was the place where the first polo game was played. It spread throughout the world through the Britishers who learned from Manipur," Biren said.

"People know this game originated in  Manipur and naturally many would like to know where the game was first played in this state," he added.

He also disclosed that devotees are coming every day to the Marjing temple for praying. Once the modern park is completed there will be more devotees and tourists.

Realising the tourist potential, the government has liberally sanctioned funds. Biren said,"The park is located near the Trans Asian Highway. It means that a considerable number of tourists shall be visiting the temple and park. Since it is now an international game many players and enthusiasts would naturally want to visit the birth place of this game.”

"The park and other facilities will be completed on schedule, he said. However, polo enthusiasts are disappointed that there is no headway in developing a pony sanctuary near the temple. The government had planned to acquire 70 acres of paddy fields near the temple for developing a pony sanctuary.

Industries Minister Govindas Konthoujam told reporters that the Manipur government has sent a project report involving Rs.78 crore to the central government.

However, the Central government has not cleared the project. The rice farmers whose fields are being acquired are objecting to the government proposal for setting up the pony sanctuary there.

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