Washington: The recent steps initiated by India and Pakistan to improve their trade and economic relationship is a great news for the region, the Obama Administration has said, adding that the two countries are doing this on their own with no American role in it.

"We think this is great news, and further to the warming of relations between India and Pakistan on the trade, economic and investment side," the State Department spokesperson,
Victoria Nuland told reporters at her daily news conference on Thursday.

Nuland said this is a "testament to the hard work" both governments have been putting into that.

This is very much part and parcel of the Silk Road vision that was announced by the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, last year in Chennai, the US official said.

This consent of economic integration of the region is based on the vision that trade and investment can help all people in the region become more prosperous, she said

"Beyond encouraging both governments to keep it up, no. They are doing this on their own," Nuland said when asked about if the United States is playing any role in it.