The notice, sent on Thursday, said that Rehman accused Khan of being a Jewish agent in a TV interview on August 3. He also alleged that Khan has a foreign agenda backed by the Jewish lobby.

Rehman allegedly tried to gain undue political advantage over Khan and his Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf party, so he was liable to be proceeded against for defamation under civil and criminal laws, according to the notice.

Khan asked Rehman to apologise unconditionally or to take back his statement within a week of receipt of the notice or face a lawsuit for defamation.

The notice said the apology should be telecast on national and international television and conspicuously printed in major newspapers. It said if Rehman failed to apologise, Khan would claim damages worth Rs 500 million.

Rehman's spokesman said his party would respond to the notice after receiving it. He said Rehman would never apologise and the party was ready to prove that Khan had links with the Jewish lobby.


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