Mumbai: One should promote things one believes in, says actor Imran Khan.
Surely ‘mamu’ Aamir Khan will be very proud to hear this. ‘Bhaanja’ Imran Khan has just declined to sign a fat endorsement deal for a liquor brand.

The young actor is of the opinion that one should not endorse products he or she doesn't believe in.

In wake of his Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against Maharashtra state government's new rule of increasing the permissible age for alcohol consumption to 25 years, Imran has caught many an eye.

Strangely, the 28-year-old has become a hot favourite with liquor brands, who are quite keen to take him on board.

Recently, an Indian vodka brand offered him a few crore rupees to become their brand ambassador. Much to their surprise, he declined the offer.Not willing to take no for an answer, the brand offered to hike the remuneration, besides altering their campaign.

"They were so keen to sign Imran that they even offered him to set the terms and conditions for the endorsement. But, IK doesn't want to endorse any alcohol or tobacco products as a principle.He believes in associating with only those brands whose products he can use in day-to-day life," revealed a close friend of the Khan family.

The actor confirmed saying, "I never want to endorse any liquor brand. This is a decision I had taken years ago. I have been getting a lot of offers but I always say no. I believe one should only endorse what one believes in."Imran, as of now, only endorses a denim and cola brand.