New Delhi: Anshuman Mishra, the Independent candidate for Rajya Sabha from Jharkhand who is in the thick of a controversy for getting the support from BJP MLAs, on Tuesday said in case of any hint from the party leadership to step down, he will do so.
Mishra won the backing of a section of BJP for his Rajya Sabha candidature but the party did not renominate its Deputy Leader in the Upper House S S Ahluwalia, apparently to accommodate him.
"If I get any hint... L K Advani is a great national leader, an icon and my hero. If I get any hint from any of these (BJP) leaders, including from the Leaders of the Opposition in both the Houses, and the party president, I will be more than happy to step down," Mishra said.

Asked how he managed to get BJP support when there was no consensus on Ahluwalia, he said "I have worked in Jharkhand over the past 12 months working with these regional leaders because I knew that I will have a chance of getting in the Rajya Sabha if I had local leaders' access and acceptance."
He maintained he worked with BJP as the party leadership knew of his credentials and he was quite convinced of its support.
He denied he had engaged in any horse trading to win support. "The moment I am asked to compromise on my integrity and the moment I observe that there is a question of horse trading, I will back off from this race," he said.
Meanwhile, BJP sources said a move is already afoot to ask the 18 party MLAs from Jharkhand not to vote for Mishra in the Rajya Sabha polls.
Mishra claims to have worked with BJP and its sister organisations VHP and Sangh Parivar for several years.