It is appalling that in an agricultural country like India, excess foodgrain stock has become a problem so much so that it is being left to rot. Increased production of foodgrains in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh has posed a serious challenge to the government. The lackluster approach adopted by the government in purchasing wheat and improper storage facility has doubled the chances of wastage. The Centre and state governments were aware of the record production this year but did little to arrange for its storage facilities. They have been harping on same old excuses that existing granaries are not enough for storage and new ones are being constructed. This situation has prevailed for many years now. We can understand the gravity of the situation by the fact that the Centre is unable to provide sacks for the purchase of wheat to state governments. However, it promises of buying jute sacks from Bangladesh which sounds like a mere quick fix measure. It is surprising that despite the existence of Agriculture Ministry and Food and Civil Supply’s Ministry the government is unable to predict foodgrain production.

This criminal wastage of foodgrain is going on despite the fact that so many people in our country don’t get sufficient food and starve to death. The government is neither able to check malnutrition in the country nor wastage of foodgrain. Though it is encouraging that the issue was discussed in the Parliament but that is not enough. Some concrete steps need to be taken in this direction. The government is clueless as to what needs to be done with the old stock of foodgrains. It certainly lacks the vision for creating proper storage facilities due to which several tones of foodgrains go waste. If such wastage continues then the government in the near future might witness a shortfall in production and thereby fail to meet its target. It is hilarious that on one hand the Centre speaks of the Food Security Bill and on the other shuts its eyes to this colossal wastage of foodgrains.