Some of astonishing tunnels are built through underwater and high mountains. Here, we bring you some of the longest tunnels in the world.

1. Seikan Tunnel: The length of  Seikan tunnel is 53.9 km. It is a one of the longest tunnels in the world. The tunnel connects two cities - Hokkaido Island with the Aomori Prefecture in Japan. It was built in March, 1998.

2. Channel Tunnel: 37.9 km long tunnel was constructed in UK in 1994. The Channel tunnel connects Folkestone in the United Kingdom to France's city Pas-De-Calais.

3. Tokyo Bay Aqua line: The length of Tokyo Bay Aqua line is 15 km. It is a toll highway of Japan. Tokyo Bay Aqua line was built in December 1997.

4. Bomlafjord Tunnel:
7.8 km long  Bomlafjord tunnel was built in Norway in 1997.  The tunnel is equipped with safety measures including mobile phone coverage, barriers and lights in all entrances.

5. Eiksund Tunnel: Built in July 2007, Eiksund Tunnel's length is 7.7 km. It connects  Norway's  mainland to Hareidlandet Island and Eika island.

6. North Cape Tunnel:
North Cape tunnel is 6.8 km long. It was built in Norway in 1999. The tunnel is a part of the European route E69.

7. Severn Tunnel: Located in United Kingdom, the Severn tunnel's length is  3.62 km. It connects South Gloucestershire to Monmouthshire, beneath the river Severn. The tunnel was built in 1873.

8. Vardo Tunnel: 2.9 km long tunnel is located in Norway. Vardo tunnel is an underwater passageway.

9. Sydney Harbour Tunnel:
Located in Australia, Sydney Harbour tunnel's length is 2.8 km. It was built in 1992.

10. Thames Tunnel: Thames tunnel's length is 0.4 km. It is the oldest underwater tunnel in the world. Thames tunnel was built by United Kingdom in 1843.

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