The first cat station master of Wakayama Railway station was Tama. The little cat, Tama was born in Wakayama, a city of Japan.

In 2004, the informal station manager had adopted stray cat and named it Tama. Train passengers started loving Tama. During the same period, the station was almost to shut down because of financial crisis. It is believed that footfalls at Wakayama Railway station had been increased due to popularity of Tama cat.    

Eventually, the decision to shut down the station was withdrawn after cat loving citizens demanded it to stay open.

In April 2006, the Wakayama Electric Railway destaffed all stations on the Kishigawa Line to cut costs. The station masters were selected from locals. The railway officials decided to officially appoint Tama cat for the post of station master.

As station master, Tama's primary duty was to greet passengers. The cat had received a station master's hat. The railway authorities provided Tama with food.

After Tama's death on June 22, 2015, the railway station authorities decided to appoint a cat as her successor.

Thousands of people mourned Tama's death. A traditional 50-day mourning period was observed.

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