Recently, this couple celebrated their child's first birthday.

After many months of tests and observations, doctors finally diagnosed Jaxon with microhydranencephaly, a severe brain mal-formation for which there is no known cure.

Doctors have told Brandon and Brittany Buell that their son wouldn't live past a few weeks, but this couple didn't lose their hope and tried hard to give their child a normal life as other children and recently they celebrated Jaxon's first birthday.

Also, there is a Facebook page, Jaxon Strong, which has over 200,000 'likes' and a 'GoFundMe' page that has received nearly USD 100,000 in donations, which go toward the family's monthly expenses, including Jaxon's medical bills.

Unlike other children, Jaxon cannot eat on his own and relies on a feeding tube for nutrition and according to his dad it's one of the only differences between him and most other children.



Harshita Sharma/JPN

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