On a special demand, automobile giants manufacture customised motors as per specific requirements of the customers. Not only auto manufacturers but also individual mechanics customise the vehicles. Few car/bike lovers demand weird settings of vehicle parts and want their favourite gadgets to be fitted into their beloved vehicles.

Here, we bring some world's best customised-vehicles:  

Dekotora (Japan): Known as an auto hub, Japan launches some special designed vehicles. Dekotora-trucks are deemed as the best customised vehicles. The truck stands on top on the list of best customised-vehicles.

Tourist buses (Thailand): On the demand of  Thailand government, automobile company manufactures  customised-buses which are artistically decorated to attract tourists.

Choppers (USA): There is interesting story behind Choppers bikes. Post World War-II, people were disquieted. Automobile companies manufactured 'Choppers series bikes to please them.

Itasha (Japan):
Japan's sports car, 'Itasha' is a masterpiece of automotive engineering. Its cool and colourful look mesmerises people.

Lowriders (USA): Symbolized of hip hop culture, Lowriders car gives low and slow feelings. It was first manufactured by Mexican Americans during 1930's.

Mod scooters (UK): Its look expresses UK's subcultures of the mods. During 1960s, it was a fashion symbol for bikers. It is heavily modified - especially its mirrors and lights.

Jingle trucks:
Jingle trucks can be seen in Asian countries including India. Truck lovers decorate their vehicles with heavy exterior gadgets. It is fully covered by colourful paintings of houses, animals, deities, pastoral landscapes and slogans.

Source: toptenz.net