People from all quarters are collectively taking measures to curb environmental woes. Not only environmentalists, but artists are also doing their bit to make people aware about the deteriorating environment health through their artistries.

Here we bring to you some of the finest artworks of Italian artist Lorenzo Quinnthat:

After witnessing a destructive hurricane in Thailand, Lorenzo Quinn decided to create a series of sculptures dedicated to mother nature.

The sculpture depicting Mother Nature as a woman rotating the planet around in circles. Lorenzo Quinnthat named his artwork as “The Force of Nature”.

“The Force of Nature” has been installed at England, United States, Monaco, and Singapore.

The statues are made of bronze, stainless steel and, aluminium.

Each of the sculpture is slightly different from the other.

What Lorenzo Quinn says: “My sculpture is a reminiscent of the early statues made as peace offerings to the Gods in the hope of quenching their anger.”

Photo credit: Lorenzo Quinn

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