Apparently, it is really amazing to see boat or car on the  rooftop of the houses. It has become as a status symbol in Punjab. These eyeball popping buildings are highly appreciated by visitors too.

Here, take a look of unique buildings that will surely surprise you:   

Eagle: Bird lovers give a shape of eagle to their water tanks.

Pot: People who love art prefer pot with classy shape as their water tanks.

Truck: Vehicle lovers give a shape of truck to their water tanks.

Boat: Amazingly, few people want to see boat in the air and they build boat-shaped water tanks on the rooftop.

Aeroplane: Some people give a shape to their water tanks according to their professions. If one person is a pilot, he builds plane as water tank.

Cock: Standing tall at rooftop, cock-shaped water tank looks very unique.

Bullocks: Farmers love to give bullocks shape to their water tanks.  

Source: oddystuff

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