Here, we bring top low cost cars from across the globe:
1. Tata Nano: Tata Motors manufactured cars at cost of Rs 1 Lakh (Limited stocks) for lower middle class. 'Nano' has been considered revolutionary automobile product due to its low cost.   

2. Chery QQ:
The Chinese company manufactured low cost car in 2010 priced at Rs 2.50 lakh.

3. Maruti Suzuki 800: Maruti Suzuki 800 car was revolutionary vehicle as it served middle class in 1980s. Its starting price was Rs 2.35 Lakh.

4. Geely MR:  The price of Chinese car is Rs 3 lakh. The car is popularly known as 'Merrie'.

5. Geely HQ SRC:  The price of Chinese vehicle is Rs 3.25 lakh.  The Geely HQ SRC is a five-seater car.

6. Chery A1:  The Chinese automobile manufacturer built sedan at price of Rs 4 lakh. The length of Chery A1 is 3,700 millimeters and the width is 1,578 millimeters.

7. Tata Indica: Indian company Tata Motors manufactured small car at price of Rs 5.50 lakh. It was one of the first indigenous cars.

8. Hyundai i10:
  The South Korean automobile company has manufactured low cost small car at price of Rs 4.50 lakh. Its original version was 'i10' which was launched in 2007.

Source: Therichest