Well, if not then hold your hearts as we bring you some dangerous, shocking and jaw-dropping roads built across the globe:

Karakorum Highway Pakistan

So, this breath-taking road is also the  world's  highest highway that connects Northern Area of Pakistan with China as a strategic business route. The highway is built at  4,693 meters above the ground level. The stunning and dangerous highway is surrounded by  three highest mountain ranges in the world being Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindu Kush. Surely, it is the most dangerous yet beautiful road in the world.

The Atlantic Ocean Road

The 83 kilometers long road is the  kind of a dream road. The most amazing part about the structure is the real giant water waves that come crashing at the road and makes it a real watery and slippery ride. Truly, travelling on the road especially at night will give you real goose-bumps.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

This road is popularly known as the 'Road of Death' situated in the Yungas region of Bolivia. This road is the only connecting medium of the country to the small villages. According to many reports, approximately 200 to 300 travellers are killed every year along the road. Here, the tumbling of trucks and buses to the valley below is quite common while passing each other.

The Stelvio Pass, Italy

Located at  9045 feet height, Stelvio Pass  in Italy is one of the highest paved mountain passes in the Eastern Alps. The two kilometres stretched road is quite steep, curvy and highly dangerous. The twist and turns of the road are easy enough to push you for an unwanted disaster.

Zojila Pass, India

Situated in Indian National Highway 1D between Srinagar and Leh, Zojila Pass experiences heavy snowfall and speedy winds all round the year. The narrow roads located at elevation of approximately 3,528 metres is the only option for connection of people of Ladakh to the rest of the world. The dangerous pass is often closed during winters.

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