Meanwhile, some innovative ideas have been materialized to find alternate ways to check the problem, but due to lack of proper promotion, they fail to grab the required attention.

One such novel idea is the ‘YikeBike’, which runs on battery and hence is extremely eco-friendly.

The YikeBike, a mini-farthing, is a type of folding electric motorbike which was launched on September 2, 2009 at Eurobike, a trade fair for the cycling industry, in Germany.

Weighing 11.2 kilograms, the bike is foldable and can fit into a carry bag. Looking like a mini version of a penny farthing (mini-farthing), YikeBike folds to 6×23.6×23.6 inches. A bike lover can carry it in a bus or metro to cover last mile distance.

After five-year rigorous research and development (R&D), Grant Ryan and his team invented YikeBike in New Zealand. Unlike other bikes, the vehicle has no chain, pedals, gear box, mechanical brake, cables, or levers. But, it has general vehicular features like lights, indicators and horn. It operates by a 0.2 kW (0.27 HP) electric motor and controller. The market price of the bike is from Rs 23, 3116 to Rs 33, 3166.

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