There are many cricketers who have an avid passion for pets. They are truly animal lovers as they wait to meet their pets once they are back from their tour. Apart from their action on field, our cricketers spend some leisure time with their pets.

Here, we bring you five Indian cricketers who are animal lovers and for whom their pets mean a world to them.

MS Dhoni:

It’s impossible that we don’t mention MS Dhoni’s name while talking about animal lovers. Everyone knows how Dhoni loves his pets. He has adopted few stray dogs named Leah, Zoya and Akira among others. However, Zoya is the one Dhoni misses the most. It is said that whenever he returns home, the puppy welcomes him and Dhoni spends the next half-an-hour exclusively with it.

Rohit Sharma:

When Rohit doesn't play cricket, he plays with his cute puppy. Rohit is an absolute animal lover as he owns a dog and even he is now a PETA supporter also. Recently, Rohit’s fiancée Ritika Sajdeh has shared a pic of Rohit and his pet on her social networking site which clearly shows that how much Rohit loves to spend some time with his pet.

Virat Kohli:

Apart from his love for cricket and his ladylove, actress Anushka Sharma, the Test captain has someone very special in his life whom he misses the most when he is out on a tour. It’s none other than Cheeko’s adorable Beagle named Bruno. Bruno is Virat’s pet with whom he loves to spend his free time.

Ravindra Jadeja:

Best known as Sir Jadeja, he is also a pet lover. But he owns no dogs. Interestingly, Sir Jadeja has two horses named Veer and Ganga and he absolutely loves his horses.

Rudra Pratap Singh:

May be he is not seen on field more often, but he never misses to spend some quality time with his adorable dogs while at home. He has two dogs named Zuko and Troy. RP’s wife, Devanshi Popat, usually shares some pictures of Rudra and his pets on her social networking site where RP can be seen chilling with his pets.


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