Here, we bring some tips that will surely revitalise your daily routine:

Don't hit snooze: Late start of the day spoils your whole day routine. So, ensure that you get your feet on the floor with first ring of the alarm.

Write something down: Start your day with pen and notebook. Put down an idea or dream that you imagined while you were asleep. This tip will give a direction to your mind. Hence, it will help you leave negativity behind.

Forget yesterday, focus on today: Kickstart your day with afresh thoughts. Make a commitment to yourself not to carry forward yesterday's stress.

Think of something you are grateful for: Every person is blessed with some fortunes, so are you. All that you need to do is to remind yourself and feel thankful.

Leave your phone alone: Nowadays, mobile phone becomes a cause of stress as it gives overdose of information.

Drink a glass of water: Drinking a glass of water on bed will give you a jump start of your day.

Get some natural light:
Open the curtains of windows and get a little sunshine. It will make your brain wake up and realize it's time to function.

Stretch: Do some light exercise with  stretching your body. Little warm up will give you feelings of lightness.

Make the bed: The science says making your bed will make your whole day better.

Sources: Apartmenttherapy

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