Here, we bring you some of the luxurious prisons around the world that will make you to think 'ab toh jail mein jaana padega'.

Suomenlinna Prison, Finland

This one tops the list when it comes to luxurious prisons. Apart from private rooms in wooden huts, here the prisoners get USD 8 for an hour. Also, inmates are allowed to keep cell phones and they are liable to take three days of vacation in every two months.

Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand

Also known as 'Milton Hotel', this prison has all the facilities that you will find in a hotel. Apart from the well equipped and furnished rooms, this prison has minimum security. Also, underfloor heating is provided to the prisoners during winters.

Aranjuez Prison, Spain

Living apart from your family is a burden for sure. But can you imagine a prisoner living with his family and that too in a prison? Well, this Aranjuez Prison in Spain allows the convicted parents to live together with their kids. Not only this, the prison is decorated with Disney characters and kids can enjoy at the playground which is outside the prison.

Bastoy Prison, Norway

One of the luxurious prisons in the world, Bastoy Prison offers many perks to its inmates. Here, the prisoners can live in small cottages and do some recreational activities like tennis, fishing, cross-country skiing.

Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

This prison in Indonesia has all the facilities that a woman wants. The only prison for women in the world offers many facilities like in-cell refrigerators, air conditioners and karaoke nights. Also, this prison provides beauty treatments like, hairstyling and spa to their well behaved prisoners.


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