Well, breaking the suspense and secret, we bring you the names and possible information about the people behind these appealing voices:

Atul Kumar: The voice behind 'Bigg Boss'

Well, for years now people have been crazy about television reality show 'Bigg Boss'. Reasons include Bigg Boss host Salman Khan, popular contestants and off course the fabulous voice of Bigg Boss. Well, breaking the suspense, we tell you who is actually behind the mesmerising voice of Bigg Boss, he is Atul Kumar. Atul is a much experienced voice over artiste who has been doing quite a lot programmes on radio and TV. Blessed with a magical voice, Atul was roped in to become the voice of Bigg Boss.

Reports even suggest that just like the contestants in the show even Atul stays separately away from people for the entire duration of the show.

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Shammi Narang: The voice behind announcements in Delhi metro

While travelling on Delhi metro, surely you would have come across the dynamic and firm voice behind announcements in metro like 'Agla station Rajeev Chawk hai'. Well, the mesmerising voice that guides us along our journey in metro is of much talented IIT post-graduate engineer Shammi Narang. Prior to this, Shammi Narang has also worked in Doodarshan in the late 70's. He was selected from 10,000 people to read news in Doordarshan.

Rini Simon Khanna: The voice behind announcements in Delhi metro

Amid your journey in Delhi metro along with the male voice, there is even a female voice who makes announcements in a very clear diction. Ever wondered who is actually behind 'Next station is Khan market, please mind the gap', well she is Rini Simon Khanna, a noted news anchor of Doordarshan. Born in Kerala, Rini's father was in  Indian Air Force and so she completed her schooling from almost nine different schools. She has even worked for Doordarshan from, 1985-2001.

Meghana Sudhir Erande: Voice behind famous cartoon characters like Noddy, Doraemon and Shinchan

During your growing years, you must have wondered that who actually is behind the popular cartoon character of Noddy, Doraemon, Shinchan and Hattori. Well, she is Meghana Sudhir Erande. She has even dubbed for foreign content into Hindi and Marathi. She has also dubbed the voice for Pamela Anderson.


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