Here we bring some modern devices which are being use by undercover agents:

1. Bluetooth spy: It is an invisible means for spying secret information. Micro device bluetooth hacks other systems and gets information. It is also used for capturing covert video surveillance with audio.

2. Lasers: Lasers are one of the best devices to snoop the information. It is also used for copying secret codes.

3. Lighter spy: The spying device is disguised into simple looking lighter but its hidden micro chips catches secret information. Some spying lighters are well equipped by high sufficient audio and video recorders.

4. 80,000 volt electric briefcase: The briefcase is specially manufactured for carrying important documents. Normal looking briefcases, electric briefcase  can create screaming alarm by simply pushing a button on the remote control. Also, it can generate electric shocks.

5. Cellphone spy:
Nowadays, cell phones are also used for spying purpose. CellphoneSpy are technically very sufficient. It is inbuilt by such technologies that information in the phone can not be decoded easily.

6. Tiniest spy cameras: There are micro cameras that can not be seen at once glimpse. Output of these cameras can not be decoded by common users unless getting help from experts.    

7. GPS lingerie:
The GPS system fits into lingerie. The USP of the device is it can not be scanned by general body-scanners.

8. Other devices for ladies: Some devices are inbuilt in beauty products such as lipstick, ring and jewellery. Some lipstick device can be camouflaged as a stun gun and it can generate 350,000 volts worth of shock.

Sources: weburbanist