Are you daring enough to face these treacherous aircraft landing, well take a look:

Saba International Airport, Netherlands

The highly dangerous airport for landing is situated at 28 miles South of St Maarten in the island of Netherlands. This airport has the world's shortest commercial airport runway of just 400 meters. Not just this, the extra short run way is even surrounded by sea at both the ends. Truly you need to be a well trained and experienced pilot to land your aircraft here.

Toncontin International Airport, Honduras

Situated in a valley 3,294 feet above sea level in Tegucigalpa, Honduras the airport is categorised as one of the most dangerous airports in the world. The mountainous terrain along with frequent winds make the landing a big task. The landing and take off is a real nightmare for the passengers.

Courchevel International Airport, France

Located in the French Alps, the airport has a runway of just 525 metres. The landing and take off is a nail biting experience for the pilots here as they have to navigate the Alps Mountain before landing. The airport is considered highly dangerous and enough to give anyone actual goosebumps.

Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

The 6,351-foot short runway that appears to begin and end in crystal blue waters is among the dangerous airports in the world. Although New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit but this dangerous airport here will force you to think twice.

Ice Runway, Antarctica

Known as the coldest place on this planet, Antarctica actually doesn't have any paved runways. There are manicured snow and ice under the plane which makes a path. In these airports, the crucial challenge is the weight of the aircraft and each plane must be checked to avoid the ice cracking or plane getting stuck in the snow.


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