They are capable of targeting untraceable hideouts in hilly areas. Modern choppers are incredibly powerful and destructive as they are equipped with heavy guns and rocket launchers.

Here, we bring top lethal army choppers:

1. Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian:
AH-64E (AH-64D Block III) chopper is an upgraded version of the original AH-64A. It is a part of US Army.

2. Bell AH-1Z Viper: AH-1Z Viper gunship is part of AH-1W SuperCobra series. It was introduced in 2010 and full-rate production began in 2012 in USA.

3. Kamov Ka-52:
Hokum-B: Ka-52 is an upgraded version of  Ka-50 Hokum. It is a part of Russian Army. The chopper was manufactured in 2008.

4. Mil Mi-28 Havoc:  Mil Mi-28 Havoc was manufactured in late 1970s in Russia. But the gradation of the chopper took more than 3 decades and finally it was inducted  in Russian Army in 2006.

5. Eurocopter Tiger: France and Germany jointly developed Eurocopter Tiger in 2002. The chopper was used in Afghanistan, Libya and Mali.

6. Z-10:
It was  first Chinese dedicated combat helicopter. Z-10 was dedicated to Chinese Army in 2009-2010.

7. Denel AH-2 Rooivalk:
Manufactured in South Africa, Denel AH-2 Rooivalk was based on reverse-engineered Aerospetiale Puma technique. It was designed to operate without sophisticated support.

8. Augusta A129 Mangusta: A129 Mangusta was the first dedicated combat helicopter manufactured in Western Europe. Mangusta chopper was manufactured in Italy in 1990.

9. Mil Mi-24 Hind:
Mil Mi-24 Hind is popularly known as assault helicopters. It is a part of Russian Army. Anti-tank missiles and un-operated rockets can be fitted in  Mil Mi-24 Hind.

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Source: military-today

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