Here, take a look at these popular inscrutable places:

Moguicheng: Located at Xinjiang region, China, Moguicheng is a desert area which is reportedly know as 'City of Satan or Devil’s City'. People who visited the place say they have heard a range of inexplicable sounds floating on the breeze, weird melodies and the sound of guitar strings gently being plucked to crying babies .

Cano Cristales:
Cano Cristales, a river located at Serrenia de la Macerana region of Columbia is know for its beauty. The river is assumed as 'The Most Beautiful River in the World'. The river changes its colours. Also, many unique types of flora growing on the riverbed.

Mount Sanquinshan: Mount Sanquinshan, known as 'The Garden of the Gods' is located in China. The area consists of a multitude of interesting and unusually-shaped forested granite pillars and outcrops.

Fly Geyser:
Situated in United States, Fly Geyser is a collection of three large, colourful mounds which continually shoot five feet of water straight up into the air.

Situated at Japanese mountain, Aokighara is a 3,500 hectare wide forest which is known for reportedly haunted, legends of ghosts, demons and spirits surrounding the area. Also according to media reports, it is the second most popular suicide spot in the world.

The Bermuda Triangle: Located at Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area in the Atlantic ocean, between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan. The inscrutable place is know for mysterious disappearances of planes, ships and people.

Richat Structure:
Situated in Mauritania, Richat Structure is a distinct and prominent circular geographical feature in the Sahara Desert. It is popularly known as 'the Eye of the Sahara'.

Sources: conservationinstitute

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