Earlier, there would be a well in every house but the advancement in technology has replaced it with tap and water motor.

Here we bring you some of the oldest wells in the world:

1. Wooden water wells in the Greater Leipzig region, Germany: Recently discovered by researchers, wooden water wells in the Greater Leipzig region, Germany is believed to be one of the oldest wells. Researchers from Institute of Forest Growth of the University of Freiburg, Germany, concluded that the well had been built during the early Neolithic period between 5206 and 5098 BC.

2. A dug well was the first generation of well which was a pumpless and hand-dug. Dug well is mentioned in Bible story of Jesus when he met a woman at Jacob's well (John 4:6).

3. Dug well in Afghanistan: During earlier age when men had no metal buckets to pull out water from the wells, they would use a leather bucket for fetching water.  

4. Well in Poland: A pole (shadoof) with a bucket and counterpoise was used in Europe for raising water from well. This kind of wells are largely found in Egypt as well.

5. Well at Bhaini Sahib, Ludhiana, Punjab: This is one of the oldest wells in India and holds religious value.

6. Hand-dug well cased with concrete rings in Ouelessebougou, Mali: Nowadays, a modern method called caissoning is in practice in Mali in which people use plain concrete pre-cast on inner surface of well rings to protect water from bacteria.

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