Here, take a look of royal cars that are being used by the Presidents of top countries:    

1. United States: The President of USA uses Cadillac One car which is popularly known as 'the beast'. It is well customised car, equipped with heavy armours.

2. India: The first citizen of our country uses Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard. A heavily equipped custom-built stretch limousine black car provides highest protection class 'VR6/VR7'.

3. United Kingdom: Known for the royal lifestyle, British royal family uses Bentley State Limousine. Queen Elizabeth II has two armoured Bentley state limousines.

4. British Prime Minister:  Like royal family of  United Kingdom, the Prime Minister also uses the well equipped luxury cars. The Chairman of UK Cabinet travels by Jaguar XJ Sentinel models.

5. China: The President of emerging superpower uses Hongqi Limousine. It is equipped by developed aluminium V12 cylinder engine which is designed by a Chinese company.

6. Italy: The first citizen of the one of the oldest civilized countries uses Lancia Thesis. The President of Italy has two identical armoured Lancia Thesis cars.

7. Germany: The President of one of the leading countries of Europe has Mercedes-Benz S600L. German President's car is an armoured equipped with most efficient technologies.

8. Japan: Known for manufacturing and importing cars, Japan gives Toyota Century Royal to its first citizen. The vehicle is 20 feet long and 6.2 feet wide.

9. Kenya: Though, Kenya is not economically so strong yet the President of African country has got Mercedes-Benz Pullman S600.

10. Malaysia: Malaysian President uses Maybach 62 car. It is a well equipped bulletproof car.

Sources: richestlifestyle