This can be our fantasy, but there are people around who have access to their favorite food through a vending machine.

Here, we bring you some amazing food vending machines around the world which will allure you to bring these machines to our own country.

French Fries vending machine:

This vending machine in Australia, it stores frozen potatoes. When someone orders, the genius robot who lives inside will flash fry them for two minutes then season them before serving.

Cupcakes vending machine:

Who doesn't want to have desserts after dinner or even before dinner. This machine in US dispenses cupcakes is for those who have sweet tooth. All you have to do is just put your dollars into the machine and a tasty cupcake pops out.

Pizza vending machine:

This one is surely a blessing for all pizza lovers. Pizza machine in Europe serves fresh pizza 24 hours a day. The machine kneads the dough, sauces the pizza, adds toppings  and heats pizza in an oven in less than three minutes.

Egg, milk, cheese vending machine:

A vending machine in Germany provides everything you need for a basic meal. The idea of setting this vending machine comes after the makers got tired of delivering food door to door.

Banana vending machine:

Banana vending machine in Japan dispenses both single as well as bananas in bunches. Also, this vending machine provides bins on the side of the machine where you can discard peels.

Mashed potato vending machine:

A vending machine in Singapore fills your cup with hot mashed potatoes with rich gravy on it. It will cost you one dollar for that filling meal.  

Ice Cream vending machine:

This machine in US will surely make you drool as it provides a fresh scoop of your favourite ice cream flavour. The add on factor is that you can choose from 96 different combinations available on the touch-screen machine.


Harshita Sharma/JPN


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