Sri Lanka holds rich substances of Hindu religion and has an old tradition of following it alike India. There are many Hindu religious places in the Island nation, which due lack of public and media attention are not being explored. Consequently, pilgrims devoid to visit such very religiously significant places.

Here, we bring some lesser known temples in Sri Lanka that hold valuable substance of the epic Ramayana:

Muneswaram Temple, Chilaw:
  Munneswaram temple is an important Hindu temple in Sri Lanka. According to myth, after victory over Ravana, Lord Rama left for Ayodhya on vimana (carriages).  Since Lord Rama killed a Brahmin (Ravana), ‘Bramhaasthi dosham’ started following him. Lord Rama had worshiped Lord Shiva at Muneswaram to rid of  Bramhaasthi dosham.

Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Ramboda: According to the Ramayana, Ramboda is an area, where the army of Lord Rama's gather to fight against Ravana. The temple was built by the Chinmaya mission of Sri Lanka.

Gayathri Pedam:  It is believed that Ravana’s son Meghanath worshiped Lord Shiva with penance at Gayathri Pedam.  He was granted blessings by Lord Shiva.

Seetha Amman Temple, Seetha Eliya:  According to myth Goddess Sita was held captive at Seetha Eliya by Ravana. She used to pray here for Lord Rama. Footprints of Ravana’s elephants yet can be seen here.

Divurmpola: Godess Sita, after being liberated from Ravana, was subjected to a test to prove here chastity by offering herself to the fire.

Ussanggoda: According to the Ramayana, after meeting Goddess Sita, Lord Hanuman decided to test the strength of the mighty Ravana and his army. During confrontation with Ravana Army, Lord Hanuman’s tail was set on fire and he torched some parts of King Ravana’s empire. Ussanggoda is on the torched areas.

Footprint of Lord Hanuman:  There are footprints of Lord Hanuman near a pond named Sita Eliya on Nuwara Eliya Mountain. It is believed that Lord Hanuman landed here in the form of giant.

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