Up above the world of stars folds so many thrilling facts. Here we try to unfold some inexplicable facts about space:

1. The footprints of an astronauts on moon will remain at least 100 million years. Since the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, there's no wind or water to erode or wash away the astronauts' mark.
Source: Space.com/NSA

2. We all know there are uncountable number of stars in universe. Also, even the premium space research agency NASA failed to give exact figure of stars. But, few know an Australian National University study put their estimate  at 70 sextillion stars in the sky. Sextillion refers to 70,000 million million million.
Sources: University of California /NASA

3. We are annoying by noisy sounds around us. But, you will surprise to know the space is completely silent. As the air is medium of sound no voice can be created in the space. Though, astronauts talk to each other using radio waves in the space.  
Source: Cornell University / NASA

4. 99 percent of solar system's mass is the sun. The Sun, is so dense that it accounts for a whopping 99 percent of our entire solar system.
Source: Ohio State University/NSA

5. The amount of energy consumed on Earth in an hour is equal to the total amount that other planets use in a year. Our solar technology produces less than one-tenth of 1 percent of global energy demand. .
Source: National Geographic/ NASA

6. The Neutron star can spin at a rate of 600 rotations per second. It is one of the possible evolutionary end-points of high mass stars.
Source: University/NASA

Raju Kumar/JPN

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