Well, as the world talks about these creepy creatures, we bring you some unknown facts that will literally force you to rethink on their existence:

Do you know, Edgar Mitchell who was the sixth person to walk on the moon strongly claimed that "aliens have contacted humans several times”, but the government still hides the truth. Strange right?

Another fact that very few people know is that just after three days of NASA'S Apollo 11 Mission, the crew spotted and reported a very strange flying object very close to their location. They assumed it to be a piece of detached SIV-B rocket but their illusion broke only after they came to know that it was over 6000 miles away.  Well, confusing all the NASA scientists, till date they have no official explanation to what the object was. Meanwhile astronaut Buzz Aldrin confessed it to be a sighting!

Another shocking fact about the existence of aliens comes from the Ohio State University. The researchers from the university gathered signals strangely coming from  220 million light years. These signals were so powerful that they were being named as  'Wow Signal'. Later, the scientists were shocked and confused on how can they receive such a strong signal from so far away and that too without the use of any advanced technology.

Do you know Napoleon Bonaparte once claimed that he was abducted by aliens. Well, actually he even went missing for couple of days in July 1794. Later, he revealed that he was kidnapped and imprisoned by strange and weird looking men. Well, his story was indeed hard to believe but later what scientists found was more shocking. They discovered a tiny foreign object embedded within the skeletal remains of Napoleon. Later, that object was declared as micro chip. Creepy right?

Well, according to reports, scientists suggest that there is a two percent chance that they will confirm the existence of alien life in the next 10 years. Wait for 10 years to know the truth!

Do you actually know that reports suggest that around 20,000 people have bought alien abduction insurance done. Well, an insurance company even provides insurance to the person abducted by alien  for the next million years. Shocking isn't it?

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