Actually, movies like 'Real steel' and 'Robot' not only entertain us but also give a new dimension to technology. Though these movies do not help technically develop new technology, it gives a thought to scientists to work upon it.

Interestingly, some significant works have been done in robot science. Here, we enlist some robots that will surely amaze you that how the reel robots come to real life: 

1. Atlas Unplugged: Weighing 156.4kg , 1.88 metre high, robot is the latest version of Atlas series robot. The humanoid was developed by Google-owned Boston Dynamics along with the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

2. ASIMO Honda: Upgraded in 2005, ASIMO Honda, 1.28m high and weight about 55 kg, is 11th addition of ASIMO series robot which was developed in 2000.

3. iCub: It was made by the RobotCub, a consortium of several European universities. It can play a vital role in the development of human cognition.

4. Poppy robot: The robot is the latest humanoid machine which is the first of its kind. Poppy was created by a 3D printer.

5. Romeo robot: Weighing 40 kilos, Romeo robot is a 1.40 metre tall machine which can give personal assistance with more emotional element.

6. Petman: Petman robot is an anthropomorphic machine which was designed for testing chemical protection clothing. It also simulates human physiology within the protective suit by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating to provide realistic test conditions.

7. NAO robot: Being used for research and education purposes in numerous academic institutions worldwide, NAO robot was invented in 2008.

Sources: wtvox

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