Here are some striking similarities that will assure that India and Pakistan are not different from one another:

1. Same worship places: The Badshahi Masjid in Pakistan and Jama Masjid in India are constructed in similar manner. It becomes difficult to spot the difference between the two monuments.  

2. Two Punjab's but one heart: Till 1947, the Princely State of Punjab was one of the largest states in the country. The communal tensions during 1947 led to the partition of the state where many Hindu and Sikh Punjabis settled in India, whereas Muslim Punjabis opted for Pakistan.

3. Food unites us: It is true that food unites us more than anything else does. Be it the Hyderabadi Biryani or Muhajir cuisine in Pakistan, it is all the same when it comes to taste. Technically, you won't feel home sick if you travel to Pakistan or vice-versa.

4. Music bridges India and Pakistan: The most popular form of Sufi music is Qawwali and is enjoyed in both countries equally. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is loved in India as much as he is loved in Pakistan. His heir Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has made it big in the Bollywood and this shows how music binds both the nations.

5. The religion of cricket is above all: We take our sports very seriously and when it comes to cricket, there are no boundaries. Cricket matches between India and Pakistan are the most fun to watch. Both countries have their own enthusiasm for the gentleman's game.

6. Oldest civilisation: The Indus Valley Civilisation, known as the one of the oldest and well planned civilisations in the world is spread in parts of North West India and in parts of Pakistan. The two countries share this rich history.

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