Some of the statues are popular for its outstanding architecture and mammoth size. Here, we bring some tallest statues in the world whose astonishing height will surely amaze you:

1. Spring Temple Buddha: One of the highest statues in the world, Vairocana Buddha's height is 128 metre. Located at  China's Lushan city, it was built in 2002.

2. Ushiku Daibutsu:
Depicting Amitabha Buddha, the second tallest statue in the world is situated at Ushiku, Ibaraki, Japan. Inaugurated in 1993, the height of the monument is 120 metre.

3. Laykyun Setkyar:
Replication of splendiferous architecture, the statue of Gautama Buddha is located at Monywa, Myanmar. Built in 2008, the monument of Lord Buddha is 116-metre tall.

4. Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya: The statue of Guanyin which depicts the Bodhisattva is located at Hainan, China. The 108-metre-tall statue was built in 2005.

5. Emperors Yan and Huang:
The statue of Yan and Huang, emperors of Chinese Dynasty was built in 2007. The 106-metre-tall monument is situated at Henan, China.

6. Sendai Daikannon:
The 100-metre-tall statue replicates Guanyin which is an East Asian spiritual symbol of mercy. Located at Sendai, Japan, Sendai Daikannon was inaugurated in 1991.

7. Qianshou Qianyan: The statue of  Guanyin, an East Asian spiritual figure of mercy, was built in 2009. Located at Hunan, China Qianshou Qianyan is 99 metre tall monument.

Source: wikipedia

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