India's first bullet train will be run on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route in which Japan is investing in 81 percent of project cost as loan. After Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed corridor project, Mumbai-Chennai, Chennai-Kolkata, Kolkata-Delhi, and two diagonals that intend to cover the Delhi-Chennai and Mumbai-Kolkata routes are in pipe line.

India will see bullet trains in coming years and this will be surely a different experience for all of us as there are several fastest trains running across the world. Here, take a look at top ten fastest bullet trains:   

1. CRH380A: Chinese bullet train runs at the speed of 487.3 km/hour. CRH380A operates on  Shanghai–Nanjing and Shanghai–Hangzhou routes.

2. TR-09: The speed of German bullet train is 450 km/h. The updated version of  TR-09 has been designed to run at the speed of around 500km/hour.

3. Shinkansen: Japanese bullet train runs at the speed of 443 Km/h . Shinkansen high speed train service was started in 1964.

4. TGV Réseau: The speed of French bullet train is 380 km/h. It was started in 1992.

5. KTX 2: South Korean bullet train runs at the speed of 352.4 km/h.  KTX 2 was started in  March 2009.


6. THSR 700T:  Taiwanese bullet train runs at the speed of 335.50 km/h. It was inaugurated on January 5, 2007.

7. AVE Talgo: The speed of Spanish bullet train is 350 km/h.  AVE Talgo high speed train service was started in 2005.

8. Eurostar: UK's bullet train runs at speed of 300 km/h. Connecting to London, Paris and Brussels, Eurostar can accommodate 900

9. ETR 500: The speed of Italian bullet train  is 300 km/h. ETR 500 was started in 1993.

10. HSL 1: The speed of Belgium bullet train is 300 km/h. The 71 km long high speed track became operational on December 14, 1997.


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