There were so many comic publishers such as Raj Comics, Tulsi Comics, Manoj Comics and Diamond comics which had created some fiction superheroes. Here, we bring top comic-characters that will surely rekindle your melody memories.

Super Commando Dhruv: Dressed in yellow and purple colour, super commando Dhruv was created in 1987. Anupam Sinha had drawn the fiction character. It was part of Raj Comics. Unlike other superheroes Dhruv did not use weapon or supernatural powers.

Nagraj: Nagraj's character was somewhere inspired by Hindu mythology's Nag-deity (snake God). Created by Sanjay Gupta in late 1980s, Nagraj was one of the longest serving comic fictions in the history of Indian comics. It was a product of Raj Comics. It fought devils by using his supernatural power and used snakes as a weapon.

Attired in traditional style, Bankelal was a fiction character of Raj Comics. It resolved people's problems in hilarious way. Bankelal aroused laughter and fun among readers. Its first comic book was 'Bankelal Ka Kamaal'. The fiction character was also known as 'Hasya Samrat' (King of comedy).

  Doga was created by Tarun Kumar Wahi, Sanjay Gupta and Manu in 1992. The superhero was appeared in Raj Comics. Its first comic book was 'Curfew'. Doga lived in Mumbai. It dressed up and masked like a dog. He used to work in a gym like a common man in day. But in night, Doga would mask himself like a dog and attack on criminals

Chacha Chaudhary: Created by cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma in 1971, Chacha Chaudhary was widely loved by children. The character entertained the readers for many decades. The fiction character was an old man, whose mind would work faster than a computer. He had a companion named Sabu who came from Jupiter.

The popular character of Pinki was created by Pran Kumar Sharma in 1978. Its comics were distributed in 10 languages. Pinki had a pet squirrel named Kut-Kut.  It was also appeared in Chacha Chaudhary and Billoo comics.

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